Sister Sircle

Sister Sircle

Sister Sircle is open to women from all walks of life and all age groups. We are an open-minded group, willing to share, listen and support each other, while enabling us to congregate in a neutral, peaceful place. We will meet in a supportive environment to discuss subjects that will guide, enlighten, educate and amuse.

Meetings will be held from 7:30pm to 9:00pm on the 3rd Wednesday of each month September 2017 to June 2018 with the exception of December 2017 which will be held on the 13th.

The gatherings will be held in the Theatre Room (generously donated) at LaSalle Park Retirement Community located at 18 Plains Road West L7T 0B3 (corner of Plains Road West & Lasalle Park Drive)

Please RSVP to 905-690-5006. Seating is limited but comfy!

Below is a list of speakers confirmed so far.

September 20 - Adriana Martin - Pharmacist

Topic: Safety of medication use and interactions of medication

October 18 - Rose Ritchi - Organize Me Please

Topic: Organizing Through Transition

November 15 - Maureen Tillet - A Renaissance Women

Topic: Consignment shops

December 13 - Andrea Patrick

Topic: Essential Oils

January 17 - Lynn Curtin-Lange

Topic: Financing your retirement

February - Teresa Seaton - Teresa Seaton Studio & Gallery

Topic: TBA

March 21 -

April 18 - Dr. Linda Plowright - Psychiatrist

Topic: Food For Thought: The Importance of Nutrition for Mental Health

May 16- TBA

June 20 - TBA

September 20th speaker: Adriana Martin

Adriana graduated from the University of Pharmacy in 1996 in Romania and worked as a pharmacist there for 5 years. At that time she secured a position as a Quality Assurance Assistant in Cyprus, at a manufacturing company, where she worked 2 and a half years. She came to Canada in 2004 and started the equivalation process with Ontario College of Pharmacists. In the meantime she worked as a Quality Assurance Assistant at Patheon, where she met her husband, Dean. Adriana received her Canadian pharmacist license in 2006 and started working for The Loblaws Group, where she is presently. For the past 6 years she has been working as a Pharmacy Manager at Fortinos Appleby and Dundas in north Burlington.

Adrianas presentation will be centered around drug safety, prescription and over-the-counter drugs interactions, drug-food interactions and drug induced macronutrient (vitamins and minerals) depletion.

October 18th speaker: Rose Ritchi

Rose Ritchi, the principal behind “Organize Me Please” is a former Information Technology manager and is a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. She lives in Aldershot and has been professionally organizing since 2005.

Her company is a professional residential organizing service – that means they help people get through particularly stressful or labour-intensive times such as downsizing from a family residence to a condo or retirement home, or preparing a home for sale or open house. Rose uses customized action plans to clearly layout what needs to happen, and when, to help busy families and seniors. She is also experienced with orchestrating extended family members through the downsizing process. Help your loved ones make the transition to a smaller residence be a positive experience. Organize Me Please has the skill set for “guiding to deciding” for your downsizing needs.

'Our role is to be the solution to household organizing when someone says,“I just don’t know where to begin".'

November 15th speaker: Maureen Tillet

Maureen Tillett is a career retail and fashion merchandising professional - with over 50 years in the retail field, with 35 years plus in corporate retail management and store operations spanning England, Australia and Canada. After retirement in May 2013, “A Renaissance Woman” was birthed. It was an entrepreneurs "now or never, let’s do it moment" - and she did it.

With help from friends and family, Maureen opened her very first private label retail store - and she has not looked back since. Now on her second and much larger store she boasts a flagship location on Plains Rd. East in Burlington, Ontario.

Maureen is living the dream of self employment and small business ownership, and thriving.

December 13th speaker: Andrea Patrick

Andrea Patrick is a Wellness Advocate for an essential oil company. She is working towards becoming a Certified Aromatherapist. Essential oils have become part of Andrea’s daily life; she uses them to maintain health and wellness, as first aid treatment and as part of her beauty routine. She looks forward to her speaking engagement at Sister Sircle where she will talk about what essential oils are, how they are used and how they can help maintain our health and wellness.



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